HOF Logistics, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was interested in expanding into a broader market by securing a large corporate transportation contract with Schneider Electric Transportation. Lacking a sales team to properly engage a prospect, they engaged Rose Garden to support.


Rose Garden served as the sales arm for HOF Logistics and guided them through the sales process, ultimately closing the deal.


A 38.4% increase in weekly revenue and the expansion of the business into a broader market.

The Challenge

HOF Logistics learned that the Schneider Electric Transportation Contract from Athens, Texas to Valdosta, Georgia was available. This was a perfect opportunity to step up and acquire the contract to expand their market. However, while the firm was committed to providing exceptional on-time service and value, they lacked confidence and an experienced sales team. HOF Logistics was unaware of how to methodically approach proper decision makers. Although they were more than capable of handling a corporate contract, they had not yet ventured into a true outbound sales situation.

They were competing against large national transportation companies with extensive experience. Convincing prospects of their value was a daunting task but one that could reap immense rewards.

Our Solution

No hesitation and relentless effort. Once HOF engaged with Rose Garden, our team got to work. Prior to any contact with Schneider Electric, we researched their background extensively in order to determine who the key decision makers were and prepare a presentation.

Upon completing the initial presentation and gathering data on the client’s needs, our team drove 500 miles on a Sunday evening to make the presentation scheduled for Monday morning.

Schneider Electric had already made a verbal agreement with another transportation agency. However, our team continued to open the discussion and, using the research done prior to engagement, highlighted certain pain points HOF was uniquely positioned to help solve.

After exchanging a handshake agreeing on a deal, Schneider Electric signed the contract within two days.

The Results

With a 38.4% weekly revenue increase, HOF was able to expand the business, start competing with large national players in the logistics industry, and ultimately take on new contracts. Without Rose Garden, HOF Logistics has said they would not have been able to secure the deal, which opened their business to several new opportunities.

Weekly Revenue Increase

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