Harness the communication + work styles of your team and unlock their potential.

Companies across the country are facing the task of rebuilding company cultures shattered in the midst of a pandemic. High turnover rates, unreasonable demands for promotions + raises, poor productivity, low morale and incessant internal conflict cannot be ignored. Your organization’s problems weren’t created overnight, so the solution needs to be rooted in reality. 

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You need to understand how each member of your team functions. Develop an understanding of the individual unconscious motivators and instincts behind their actions. Use each individual’s unconscious motivators to strategically incentivize change, prevent unreasonable demands, boost morale and increase productivity. Start combating high turnover rates, performance gaps and internal conflicts by making informed hiring decisions based on instinctual tendencies to ensure that the right people are placed in the right positions from the start.

We use a combination of Kolbe and PRINT® assessments to identify team-member strengths and motivators and even illuminate bad-fit placements. Findings are then presented in a one-day workshop.

Team Assessment
Workshops Include:

Understanding why these problems exist is the key to solving them. The explanation as to why these problems exist are simple.


Unique communication and work styles causing friction


Lack of clearly communicated expectations


Lack of awareness


Absence of Accountability

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