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CULTURE: A Major Differentiator

I am a proponent of the culture topic, and I have lived and breathed it. Everybody wants to win, and nobody wants to lose, but very few prepare to put in the hard work required to win. They lack that intrinsic motivation, or it’s fleeting. What’s more, it is difficult to hold people accountable and to be held accountable; it’s a dual process.

Most people agree that culture is a significant differentiator. However, that’s usually where the agreement begins and ends because my definition of culture is typically very different from everybody else’s.

I see far too many of these sales thought leaders going on and on about what they believe “Sales” is all about. It’s a work-life balance. It’s providing value. And I’m not saying, at Rose Garden, we are the antithesis of that. I know that culture is more simple and less ambiguous than that. At Rose Garden, we tell you that culture focuses on completing the job and fulfilling an A-Player team role. 

The sales leader must hold the team accountable to that A-Player standard. If someone on your team is underperforming, it would be irresponsible not to say anything. As a Founder and CEO, you have to reinforce a culture of winning through candidness and feedback. 

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