10 Benefits of Good Sales Consulting for Sales Leaders

You can't read the label from inside the jar. That's a fact.

It’s easy for a leader to get stuck on a particular path while their competition takes a different direction and explores new opportunities.

I see this happen regularly.

I also see businesses seeking to hire their way out of their sales problems. They look to new marketing services or training that never solves anything.

There are benefits to hiring a sales consultant:

  1. Discover your genuine business baseline
  2. Get a true perspective, not a fresh perspective
  3. Truly leverage outside experience and talent
  4. Deepen your understanding of competitors without bias
  5. Take advantage of a new voice
  6. Avoid sales team politics within the team
  7. Overall organization’s success is the objective
  8. Make unbiased team member decisions
  9. Get expertise on every level of your business
  10. Get a better return on investment

But the trouble is there are charlatans everywhere.

Most sales consultants are well-versed in the language of sales processes and closing deals. They make promises for revenue growth and improving sales channels and target market, but they offer no path to execute.

Continue reading and learn how consulting will benefit your sales organization and ensure you get the real deal, which makes that crucial difference.

You discover your genuine business baseline

sales team sales leader success

You can’t read the label from inside the jar.

A lot occurs in a sales team daily, whether good or bad. Eventually, they seem to lose any importance or value to you.

Sales leaders build up a tolerance for challenges or problems that occur regularly or day-to-day. This is normal. And it happens a lot.

Many companies do something unique to the market or industry. Sometimes it’s unique to their clients, customers, or competition. But they don’t even know it because that’s how they always do it.

If you grew up around eight feet tall people, you wouldn’t think a seven-foot-five person is tall. But, should you grow up around a bunch of five-foot-three people, that seven-foot-five person becomes a giant.

Companies don’t know what’s good and what’s truly bad because they don’t have a genuine understanding of the baseline.

Sales consulting services should establish or enlighten you with a baseline for your organization that allows you to enact change or double down on sales activity.

Rose Garden Sales Sales Accelerator

Using our Sales Accelerator process, we’ll evaluate your compensation structure, tech stack, sales playbooks, sales strategy, hiring and onboarding, and process development to illuminate problems and areas for improvement.

You get a true perspective, not a fresh perspective

Let me be clear. Sales leaders don’t need a “fresh perspective.”

The definition of a “fresh perspective” is garbage dribbled up by everyone else that someone has put some twist on.

Sales leaders don’t need a fresh perspective; they need a true perspective.

A quality sales consulting firm comes up with something wildly different – sales strategies, operations, systems, structures, training programs, or ideas.

There are many charlatans out there.

Avoid consultants that seemingly tell you what you want to hear or affirm your own beliefs. If you have found solutions to your sales problems, you have solved them already.

Avoid those peddling the same spiels with their so-called “twist.” They have no idea how to help your business reach the next level – they are looking for easy wins and safe bets.

That is not solutions-focused. That is not sales consulting.

sales leader or sales team speaking to prospect

The definition of a "fresh perspective" is garbage dribbled up by everyone else that someone has put some twist on. Sales leaders don't need a fresh perspective; they need a true perspective.

Truly leverage outside experience and talent

Your sales department operates inside an echo chamber that indirectly and directly shapes and forms the sales team.

Most sales teams grow with the sales organization. They start as employee number five and end up as five hundred. The problem is your sales team only knows your systems and structures. They lack broad market experience and knowledge.

Most CEOs know they need to diversify and optimize the sales force. So, what does a CEO usually do here?

Their solution is to hire a sales leader outside the organization.

Now, that sounds logical but consider this:

Sales leaders from outside the company or from a competitor spend the first 90 days learning about you, your company, your sales process, and your systems before they enact changes.

No sales leader is bold enough. Nobody in the sales team started swinging before they understood the sales landscape. Nobody.

During those 90 days, these sales organizations lose their competitive advantage and objective perspective.

Your new sales leader with the “outside perspective” is conditioned and brainwashed into your way of doing things. And you are losing that outside edge.

So, sales consulting helps as they can enter your team swinging.

They don’t get bogged down on all the reasons why something can’t be done. They are solutions-focused on new growth opportunities and ideas.

It’s up to the organization to execute and determine whether it will be feasible for them.

You’ve got to leverage someone else’s experience and expertise.

Deepen your understanding of competitors without bias

sales leader and sales reps

We all know you have a tainted perspective of your competitors. They are your competitor, the enemy, the market incumbent!

And while that is a perfectly logical perspective to take as a business: it doesn’t always benefit your business growth.

When a business views competition as the enemy, it is hard to appreciate them for its genius or success.

And while you take your business down a particular path, your competition takes a different direction, and you may have just lost your edge.

A quality sales consultant provides new insight into your industry from a sales aspect. Your competition might often use a unique and effective sales process, strategy, or system to gain an edge.

Your sales consultant is equipped to dissect competition; see what you can adapt, discard or counter. Plus, their knowledge and expertise allow them to quickly and efficiently make positive improvements to your business.

Rose Garden Sales Sales Accelerator

Using our Sales Accelerator process, we’ll evaluate your compensation structure, tech stack, sales playbooks, sales strategy, hiring and onboarding, and process development to illuminate problems and areas for improvement.

Take advantage of a new voice

During plateaus or declines, sales leaders echo concerns and problems. It’s their responsibility.

But, the sad truth is most people don’t respond well to change or criticism.

Sales consultants could bring the same ideas as the leader, but the team may listen because there is a new voice in the echo chamber.

It may hit them differently because it’s from an outside perspective.

So, that fresh voice from a sales consulting expert is constructive.

sales team with sales leader

Avoid sales team politics

Sales consulting firms don’t have strong ties inside the organization, so there’s no political clash.

Many leaders actively avoid conflict between their salespeople- it’s human psychology. Nobody wants to deliver bad news.

We understand. You see these salespeople daily, but your job is not counseling sales professionals.

Ultimately, the business doesn’t care about feelings. Sales consultants work by giving their objective perspective. That’s what they’re paid to do.

If they do their job correctly, nobody needs to like them. Nobody ends up hating them, either.

sales hiring and sales team

Overall organization's success is the objective

The objective of any quality sales consultant is to improve the organization’s overall health or goal attainment versus each individual’s sales goals.

Your organization comprises many individuals who make their sales performance their end goal. And, that’s logical. Their success determines their commission and bonuses.

However, problems occur when the individual’s goal is misaligned with company goals, or they don’t get the company the entire way.

Now, from the individual’s perspective, they have achieved their goal. There is nothing else to be done. Why do changes need to take place?

Hiring a sales consultant ensures the overall organization’s success rather than one or two individuals.

This leads to my next point…

Make unbiased team member decisions

A sales consulting firm acts as an unbiased advisor to assess your organization against the market needs: diagnose root causes, find the weak spots and propose an executable solution.

As mentioned, when working with sales teams, there’s always politics.

Let me be clear: sales team decisions are hard. This is your team, and you work with these people daily.

Sales consultants make unbiased team member decisions because they’re objective and based on the entire sales organization above the individual.

Now, does that mean sales consultants recommend firing team members? No.

Well, some might. But that is usually a sign of a weak consultant.

A high-caliber sales consulting firm optimizes the overall sales team setup by looking at every team member’s motivations and strengths while illuminating bad-fit placements.

Now, is it possible that there are bad-fit placements in your team? Of course. But that doesn’t mean you seek to discard and rebuild. A team member may better suit other areas, departments, or responsibilities.

Rose Garden Sales Team Assessment

A one-day comprehensive and hands-on optimization workshop for your sales team, leadership, or a combined experience created for both groups:

Get expertise on every level of your business

sales team and sales leader in a sales meeting

Developing or transforming sales processes in a company is not an easy task.

It is a cross-departmental project while selling the idea to all staff. A sales expert makes the transition as painless as possible between representatives of different areas.

Combining the efforts of marketing, sales operations, hiring, payroll, customer service, and sales departments (and more) will create a more consistent sales strategy and increase sales revenue. Plus, your customers benefit too.

A sales consultant that knows more than just sales and utilizes resources from various departments is crucial.

Get a better return on investment

sales team and sales leader

Sales consultants are a more cost-effective approach to improving sales than hiring new employees.

Most businesses seek to hire their way out of sales problems. And let solutions

The costs to hire a sales employee vary by locale, but your average loaded cost per representative (pay, benefits, taxes, administrative overhead, etc.) is between $40,000-$70,000.

Now, this also depends on the skill and demand of the employee, so expect even more for leadership roles.

Moreover, new salespeople take an average of 3.2 months to ramp up to complete productivity. So, you won’t see ROI until at least a year and a half, on an average tenure of 18 months.

A new employee will incur your company costs in sales training, payroll expenses, taxes, insurance, vacation time, and benefits.

A sales consultant, in contrast, has no additional costs and produces scalable results for a specific business.

For example, on average, Rose Garden Consulting increases client average deal value by 186%, making significant ROI.

This flexibility makes Rose Garden Consulting significantly more cost-effective.

Work with the 1# sales consulting firm in America

Let’s be clear; there are charlatans everywhere.

Rose Garden Consulting is a world-class sales management consulting firm that redefines your process into a quality sales experience. We ignite revenue growth with transformative solutions based on behavioral economics.

We help close deals faster and at a higher rate. Rose Garden uses a combination of assessments to identify sales team members’ strengths and motivators, providing you with lousy cultural fits and recommendations. We present our Team Member Assessment findings in a one-day workshop.

We also recommend our sales accelerator assessment that provides you with an in-hand diagnostic and sales experience road map for quick results.

New businesses must stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition in today’s ever-evolving sales landscape. We provide Founders and CEOs with hands-on coaching to create systems & strategies to scale their sales team. You can’t afford to leave anything up to chance.

Get started with a Team Assessment or dive right in with our Sales Accelerator.

About the author:

Ali Mirza is the Founder & CEO of Rose Garden, a national sales consulting organization, and featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Business Rockstars, and The Wall Street Journal.

Ali is a highly sought-after public speaker presenting at multiple national conferences on innovative ways to accomplish transformational growth on your sales team.

Rose Garden provides unparalleled support and guidance to growth-minded founders via sales strategy differentiation, world-class sales culture creation, and exclusive playbooks, processes, and scripts to position them for limitless growth.

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